It may seem obvious that it is important to keep your level of windshield washer fluid at a high level at all times. We have all been in storms and dirty road conditions where the fluid was a lifesaver. Windshield fluid is water with a small addition of other elements to provide it with heightened cleansing properties.

Not only is your windshield washer fluid necessary for cleaning the windshield as you drive, but it also acts as a lubricant as the wipers swish over the glass of your windshield. Without the lubricating effect of the fluid, your rubber wipers would catch and "jump" over the glass, causing a hardship for the motor that drives the wipers.

So without that lubrication, eventually a possibly costly repair may occur due to the extra work the motors will have to endure. So, on a periodic basis just check the level of your reservoir for the windshield fluid and be sure that it is topped off.

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