In Los Angeles, one of the most common causes of engine failure are blown or failed gaskets. Gaskets are an impenetrable seal designed to keep air from getting in or escaping, as well as keeping various fluids from mixing. They’re made of flexible layers of copper and/or steel, with a durable plastic, rubber or silicone outer coating.

Gaskets come in a variety of types: oil pan gasket (keeps oil in the pan while the crankshaft is in motion), cylinder head gaskets (filling the gap between cylinder heads and the engine block) and intake manifold/exhaust manifold gaskets (regulatory gaskets for temperature and keep air from escaping). Gaskets show signs of breakdown in the form of the coating showing discoloration or wear, the flexibility being lost, gaps appearing or buildup of deposits. You can reduce the risks of these by regularly changing fluids like antifreeze and coolant as well as changing your oil reliably.

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