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What is the Difference Between Synthetic and Conventional Motor Oil?

You might want to investigate the difference between conventional and synthetic motor oil before your car’s next oil change. The characteristics of each are suitable for different situations. The top two reasons to consider one rather than the other is your specific vehicle and driving circumstances.

Additives are blended with crude oil to create the viscosity of the conventional oil. Two situations in which conventional oil is appropriate are for an older vehicle and driving short distances. Synthetic oil, by contrast, is created in a lab. This man-made substance is comprised...

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What Is Brake Fluid and Why Is It Important?

Brake fluid is a type of hydraulic fluid. Your car uses it in order to slow down or stop when you push down on the brake pedal. The pedal pushes a piston, which pushes a caliper. This increases pressure, pushing the fluid against the brake rotors. The rotors bring the pads against the wheel, slowing your car.

Without brake fluid, your car could not stop. It is possible for a slow leak of the fluid to decrease the pressure, resulting in a loss of responsiveness. The fluid degrades over time, necessitating replacement about every two years.

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