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Estimate Your Car Trade-in Value With Porsche Downtown LA
An easy way to knock some off the price of your new Porsche purchase is to trade-in your current car. But, how do you know you're getting the best trade-in value at a car dealership? You can estimate your car trade-in value online today with our Edmunds True Market Value® tool. It will help give you an accurate portrait of your car's trade-in value in Los Angeles.

How Your Car's Trade-In Value is Calculated
When it comes to calculating your car's trade-in value, you'll find that there are multiple factors that can impact your final price. Some of these factors, like the market for your particular vehicle in your area, may not be as obvious; however, other factors are more straightforward. To get a full picture of what you want to consider when it comes to estimating your car's trade-in value, you'll want to look at:

Make and Model: Some vehicles retain their resale value better than others.
Model Year: Newer vehicles are going to get you a higher trade-in value.
Vehicle Condition: Dings, dents, and other damage can decrease the value of your vehicle.
Mileage: While used vehicles last longer than before, lower mileage vehicles will still provide you a higher return.
Current Market: If SUVs are more in demand, you'll likely get more if you're trading one in.
What Do You Need to Estimate Your Car's Trade-In Value?
Are you ready to calculate your car's trade-in value? In order to get the best trade-in value at a car dealership, you want to make sure that you provide accurate information. What information do you need to provide?

Your contact information
Make, model, and model year
Trim information
Input the information above, and you'll get an estimate of what your vehicle's worth.

Finalize Your Car's Trade-In Value Today
Once you've gotten your trade-in estimate, you can schedule an appraisal at Porsche Downtown LA near West Hollywood. Our experts will inspect your vehicle and finalize your offer.